Energy Healing from the Joe Dispenza System to TimeWaver and Healy

What is Energy Healing?

How does Energy Healing work?

Who are we when our energy is coherent and clean?

How can we get us some of that?

Energy healing predates the science of allopathic medicine by centuries. Ayurveda, acupuncture, five elements, shamanism, reiki… just to name a few. Allopathic remedies are often faster and more convenient when they work. When they don’t…. well, let’s consider the benefit of energy healing, shall we? In this article, we’ll explore both human to human energy healing via the Dr. Joe Dispenza coherence healing activity and energy healing through technology via TimeWaver systems and the Healy app.

I am one of those people who wasn’t finding solutions through allopathic technologies… or even more natural herbal remedies, for that matter. My body, it seemed, was becoming as weakened by the medicines as by the imbalances when it came to ‘matter to matter’ solutions. I listened to testimonials from those healed through the Dispenza meditation system. I felt hope, and took the leap–traveling to a week long meditation retreat in December, 2019, to see if I could experience energy healing, too. My body offered more than a few opportunities for energy healing, and I was delighted to experience two healing results from that event. The first came by surprise–after two years of not being able to eat very many foods or in any significant amount–I could ‘all of sudden’ eat from an array of buffet offerings with great pleasure after meditating at the retreat for just two days. I was also chosen to be a healee in one of the coherence healing circles during the week. It was quite a fascinating experience (you can read about it here if you want deets) and, two months later my biologic dental surgeon ran the tests and could find no evidence of the jawbone infections he had identified in all four quadrants earlier in the year. HEALED!

The vortex of energy between the hands is
another example of a scalar energy field.

But how? What happened? In the first experience of energy healing, Dr. Joe explains it through neuroscience… By developing a meditation system that intentionally (and proven through research) modulates brain frequencies from beta (high activity neo cortex) to alpha (low activity neo cortex, less linear and more holographic thought) to theta (pure limbic brain; no neo cortex activity at all)… and the doorway between alpha and theta into gamma where we are able to access the control center of the autonomic nervous system in the limbic brain. Like rebooting the operating system of a computer to make everything work better, that’s what happened to my digestive tract by resetting the autonomic nervous system. See how that is? A simple reset of the vagus nerve that only required learning how to thread consciousness into a gamma-excited limbic brain 😛

The coherence healing group was more complex, requiring physics to understand. First, the concept of scalar energy fields…

This is what a scalar energy field around the body looks like.

Compared to the physics of kinetic energy, which travels in a one directional wave, scalar energy’s motion is that of a vortex…. it is called by physicists: energy potential. Instead of creating the kinetic energy of motion, scalar energy travels back and forth between two points, creating a vortex type of energy potential. For example, volcanoes–either active or dormant–attract a type of lenticular cloud that receives the energy flowing off of the volcano and sends it back… back and forth… creating a build up of energy potential. A scalar energy field. In the above graphic, the scalar energy field is creating its field between two points: the core essence of the Self at the center of the field and the moving patterns of energy frequency that establish an outer boundary for the energy of the essential Self to flow in and around–energy in potential until directed by intention. When an intention activates the scalar energy field, it becomes the field from which creation occurs. To be a healer, the first stage is one of establishing coherence between the flow of patterns in the personal scalar field. Then, from the elevated patterns of coherence, the healer imprints a pure intention of love onto the scalar energy potential, and that intention moves the scalar field to create and send those patterns into the field of the healee…as kinetic energy; energy moving in one direction.

In the coherence healing circles at the advanced retreat, all of the healers spend a fair bit of focus bringing their own scalar energy field into a coherent flow of patterns, building the energy flow within the scalar energy potential. Then, focusing the potential of their personal scalar fields through the intention of love, the group joins their individual energy potentials into a group flow of love toward the healee (that was me 😛 ) The elevated energies enter the bioenergetic field of the healee, influencing the coherence and wellbeing of the healee’s scalar energy field. Can you imagine it as I write? Does it make you want to read about the experience? Here’s a link ; >) Somehow, in that refined level of frequency patterns and elevated emotion, miracles happen.

An understanding of the scalar energy field becomes the basis for comprehending how TimeWaver systems and the Healy app work as well.

Using sophisticated mathematics based on quantum physics, the inventor and developer of the TimeWaver systems, Marcus Schmieke, created a mechanism for identifying and recognizing the Essential Self energy signature at the center of every individual’s personal scalar field. With the ability to identify a unique and ‘pure’ signature of the client, the client–with the help of the practitioner–develops an intention that the TimeWaver system aims, through focus, into the scalar field of the client’s core Self signature. and assesses through several noise generators–a physics term for hardware that TimeWaver refers to as quantum sensors. These sensors–one photon and two electron–assess how the client’s scalar field interacts with the declared intention, providing a series of recommended vibrations to help integrate and harmonize the individual’s field as it relates to the intention and Self signature. As well, the assessment can be translated into microcurrent frequencies using another component of the TimeWaver systems called TimeWaver Frequency. These electro-magnetic microcurrent frequencies are applied through conductors into the body.

TimeWaver systems require a depth of training and cost investment for use that the developers were inspired to develop a home use model called Healy. Designed to be used with a phone app, it is more cost and user friendly.

The Healy app has the capacity to offer both the resonance assessment and vibratory transmissions as well as the microcurrent option for a variety of pre packaged conditions and states of mind. By prepackaged, I mean that the frequencies used for each program are pre-selected from the database rather than customized by a TimeWaver practitioner. The resonance feature is the most costly component, and the app can be purchased without it. The Healy app uses one quantum sensor for both the resonance assessment and the progress status on the microcurrent function.

It was through a friend who understood I was interested in applying energy medicine for health solutions that the Healy app came to me. I decided to ‘give it a go’ and see what kind of results I got while continuing to research and build my understanding of the physics component of how Healy works. There is already a broad and deep library of research on the benefits of microcurrent therapy. Proven to be an anti-inflammatory, microcurrent therapy also increases ATP production resulting in enhanced metabolism. Microcurrent therapy recharges cellular voltage, and alkalizes PH. And I did experience some immediate results using the microcurrent component. I had a couple of oozing sores that hadn’t healed in a couple of months. Two sessions with the Healy microcurrent, and both sores formed healthy scabs and started healing. This result would indicate that cellular voltage and alkaline PH were high enough to activate regeneration of tissues. I also noted that I needed less insulin on days that I did the Healy microcurrent therapy, thus indicating to me that I did, indeed, increase ATP production and metabolic activity through microcurrent application.

Quantum physics. I wasn’t even a novice in these concepts when I first began my deep dive study into them, and I am still no expert. I struggled at first to remove linear logic and replace my perspective with holographic thought… which seemed to be the only way to hold awareness in the information field of possibility where the origin and end point of physics seems to abide. To give myself a further sense of the scalar energy field, I visualized my Essential Self awareness in the center of a holograph… with a kaleidoscopic movement of patterns through the holograph. Breathing in a pattern of now….here….now….here (beyond space and time) I did eventually have a sense of being in a vortex of energy; it was very cool.

Ultimately, though, what brought my understanding ‘home’ was a lecture by Marcus Schmieke on how Jungian principles align with the TimeWaver concepts. Carl Jung is my ‘jam’ and was, indeed, my bread and butter for some years. This correlation opened a gate and moved my understanding to a much clearer and cleaner sense of how this tool assists in the process of individuation or ‘becoming whole’ and congruent with one’s essential self multi-dimensionally. The core of health, wellbeing, wisdom, creative empowerment, and Grace are the results of a coherent personal field in full connection through the essential self with Source. In the Vedic cosmology, this is the definition of dharma.

In all of the above energy healing models: meditation, coherence healing circles, TimeWaver systems, and Healy, some aspects are constant:

  • Focus of intention activates the process
  • The ability to heal and/or experience healing is enhanced by a coherent personal field
  • Shifts occur beyond the personality and thinking mind in the information field first and then trickle into the experience of the personality

It seems to me that all of these modalities work synergistically with each other. To answer the final question, “how can we get us some of that?” It would be as simple as declaring the intention and then starting with any of the above. Or explore another of the energy healing modalities… all it takes is a focus of intention to start ; >)

As I continue to research and refine their uses together through training with TimeWaver, I will, of course, share with you what I learn. For now, I will leave you with a short video by Marcus Schmieke on the TimeWaver quantum sensors for any interested in a deeper dive. And, if anything I described leaves you with more questions–or you want to add some type of clarification–please leave it in the comments.
11 minute video describing the quantum sensors of TimeWaver
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