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Teach By Example–Awakening

It’s a natural impulse to share what we learn.  The inspired excitement of a new insight expands to connect–to reach out and teach. Like the effervescence of boiling water, new understanding bubbles and rises and pops and transforms.  If we … Continue reading

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Final Day of Trip Six–John of God Reflections

Sitting in Frutti’s in our familiar corner amongst now-familiar faces sipping a spicy chai latte, this is our final evening in Abadiania.  The time for reflection has come.  A Casa volunteer told us this morning that this past two weeks has been … Continue reading

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Day Two, A Blessing Shared–John of God

I underwent my first spiritual surgery of this  trip yesterday afternoon.  One would think (Well, at least I would) that I could expect a certain pattern to the spiritual surgeries after ten of them.  It wasn’t a surprise when the … Continue reading

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A Spider’s Story – How Life Works

By my art desk, there is a window.  Six months ago, I noticed a large spider weaving her web on the other side of the pane.  Day by day, she built a net across the window as I wove colors into fabric … Continue reading

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Nature – The Infallible Teacher

Learning is the skill with which we are born.  From the moment (and perhaps even before) of first consciousness, we are gathering and integrating information.  Early on, our minds begin to formulate questions and seek answers.  It is a continual process, … Continue reading

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