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Pondering Leadership – How Life Works

I was offered a complimentary astrology reading recently.  I have a variety of feelings about astrology:  On the one hand, it makes sense to me that the configuration of planets at the moment of my emergence into physical form would … Continue reading

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Secrets And Conscious Awareness – How Life Works

Most of us keep a few.  We call it our right to privacy or nobody else’s business.  We tell ourselves it’s too complex for other’s to understand; perhaps we fear the judgement that accompanies the lack of understanding.  Most of … Continue reading

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Make Peace with the Past to Change the Future – Forgive

“What’s done is done.”  That’s what my momma told me.  As a child, it was a concept bigger than my young mind could hold.  Now, with decades of experiences behind me I understand. There are words spoken in anger, and meant … Continue reading

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I See You – the Clear Field of Ho’oponopono

This note is for you, my friend (and you know who you are). I see you.  Not your education nor the Life experiences that shape your perspective.  I see you. Peel away the layers of opinion.  Wipe away the distortions … Continue reading

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Ho’oponopono Made Simple – Law of Attraction In Action

There are many versions of the ancient Polynesian practice, Ho’oponopono.  This one is not those.  This version is what happens when a Jungian therapist/Meditation teacher who studies law of attraction decides she wants to fit the practice of Ho’oponopono into … Continue reading

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Fun and Easy Personality Game

OK, here we go..  First off, pick one of these shapes: square      triange     circle      squiggle The shape you pick…  the one that just popped out at you and into your head (without knowing it’s meaning; >) represents your core values.  There … Continue reading

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