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Ahnalira’s Detox Protocol

How do you know that a detox protocol is a good idea for you? When you have a health goal that seems stalled regardless of your effort, chances are the biochemistry of your body is compromised by environmental toxins, heavy … Continue reading

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Loving Our Bodies Means Feeling Safe

Let’s talk science for a moment.  Proven fact: every emotion solicits hormones and neurotransmitters to evoke a host of chemical actions.  The blood fills with these “chemical feelings” and every cell in the body “reads” the chemical message to determine … Continue reading

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Tell Me What You Want–How Life Works

It’s been a few months since I put fingers to keyboard in the hope of communicating something fresh–something to inspire and activate your sense of wonder and wellbeing.  I just reread my last article (Emerging Awakened) and–it’s true–I come new and … Continue reading

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Abadiania! First Day of Trip Seven–John of God

Life got us to Abadiania safe and sound.  Tired and perhaps a little ragged around the edges after twenty-four hours of travel…safe and sound, though, nonetheless. My blood sugars started dropping on the flight from Miami to Brasilia, and–by the … Continue reading

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Preparing For Pilgramage 7 To Visit John Of God

It’s been nine months since our last trip to Abadiania, Brazil.  A full gestation period.  As those who have been following my journey with John of God know–six visits I in the course of three years–our last trip was accentuated … Continue reading

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Devotion, My Favorite Emotion in Awakening

I used to say it was love.  I used to say love was the end all of all emotions…which is not to say that I knew what love was.  Indeed, even today I hear the word love and I struggle to … Continue reading

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Final Day of Trip Six–John of God Reflections

Sitting in Frutti’s in our familiar corner amongst now-familiar faces sipping a spicy chai latte, this is our final evening in Abadiania.  The time for reflection has come.  A Casa volunteer told us this morning that this past two weeks has been … Continue reading

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Tips to Enhance the John of God Experience

We are well into Saturday afternoon here in Abadiania, Brazil, and enjoying the quiet laughter and inspiring music at Frutti’s.  Many have left town for parts unknown, and those of us gathered are relaxing into the meandering weekend rhythm.  Freshly juiced carrots with ginger and … Continue reading

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Friday in Frutti’s–John of God

I went before John of God this morning, request in hand.  Trusting the entities to still be working with the requests I made for my physical health on Wednesday (and the resulting spiritual surgery), today I made a different type … Continue reading

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Abadiania on the Horizon – John of God

It’s been a year since our last pilgrimage to Abadiania, Brazil, to visit Medium Joao and the entities…and a very full year at that!  We moved across the United States, from central Florida to an island just off the Washington … Continue reading

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