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Leading Through Resonance–Creative Leadership

We humans continually explore the concept of leadership–how to lead effectively, how to lead creatively, how to lead…period.  Parents call it parenting.  Managers call it managing.  Politicians call it governing.  Call it what you will, leadership runs through our culture … Continue reading

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Solstice Renewal–Awakening

For many, this day goes by in a flurry of shopping lists and gift wrapping.  For many, this day means nothing more than a marker for a how many days are left before the more celebrated holiday of Christmas arrives. … Continue reading

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Visceral Faith – A New Awakening

When I went, recently, to Casa Dom Inacio to open myself deeper and wider to currents of awakening.  I asked, in my first audience with Medium Joao, for a blending of my personality with my soul. (see: Day 3 Is … Continue reading

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Creativity as Prayer – Law of Attraction

In our culture, people comment, “He’s a creative type”.  As though it’s an attribute like intellectual or witty.  I have come to the conclusion that to be alive is to be creative.  From the moment conscious awareness begins, we are … Continue reading

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Make It Right, Then Make It Better – Awakening

Ho’oponopono means “to make right” in the language of Polynesia.  To make right means to clear the attachments that hold us in hard feelings and harsh judgements – to bring our focus into the “field beyond right and wrong” as … Continue reading

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Secrets And Conscious Awareness – How Life Works

Most of us keep a few.  We call it our right to privacy or nobody else’s business.  We tell ourselves it’s too complex for other’s to understand; perhaps we fear the judgement that accompanies the lack of understanding.  Most of … Continue reading

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Optimism Is A Choice

Everything changes We live in  fast-paced and changing times.  It is easy to get lost in fear of the unknown or feelings of being overwhelmed because things move so fast and something is always shifting.  The path into anxious thoughts … Continue reading

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Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?

Ever since my first visit to John of God in February, 2011, I’ve made ho oponopono a practice to clear the energy of attachments holding me stuck in counter-productive patterns.  At first, I found myself going Within multiples times during every … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction Clarified – Introducing Law of Intention

The concept of ‘like attracts like’ isn’t new.  As far as I can tell, it’s as old as time.  Like gravity. Perhaps, it wasn’t called The Law of Attraction in times past.  It might have been considered plain, common sense.  … Continue reading

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