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The Role of Cannabinoids in Health and Happiness

Did you know that every cell has 15,000 biochemical interactions every second?  And, did you know that there are, on average, 38 billion cells in a human body?  38 billion cells, each processing 15,000 chemical interactions per second.  That’s a lot … Continue reading

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Memories – Law of Attraction in Action

Think about it.  How much of our lives do we spend in the realm of memories?  Chatting with friends or ruminating privately.  Exploring with therapists the painful memories that stop us in our tracks when they surface or floating gently … Continue reading

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A Fluid Mind and an Open Heart – Awakening

I wrote recently that remembering and awakening are the same.  By this, I meant that the process of expanding consciousness, awakening, is as much — if not more — remembering who we are than becoming more than we were. For me, … Continue reading

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Make Peace with the Past to Change the Future – Forgive

“What’s done is done.”  That’s what my momma told me.  As a child, it was a concept bigger than my young mind could hold.  Now, with decades of experiences behind me I understand. There are words spoken in anger, and meant … Continue reading

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Free to Feel – Where the Power of Law of Attraction Lives

It can seem overwhelming sometimes – the obligations and commitments of Life.  We take them on one at a time, each one a seeming necessity in the pattern of living successfully in our communities and relationships.  Some appear as investments in our … Continue reading

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Choices in the Perspective of Awakening

If your arms are too long, then are the legs too short? Or do you keep hands in pocket and act nonchalant? Or become a trapeze artist where arms are an asset? Choices. So many of them – each a … Continue reading

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Fresh Starts – Ho’oponopono Resets Your Vibration

The grass is growing again.  Flowers blossom at every turn; their fragrance a reminder that we are in the Season of fresh starts and new beginnings. Nature provides the gift of Winter where the chill slows the patterns of growth … Continue reading

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Inspired Action – Law of Attraction in Action

How does one know when the impulse to act comes from inspiration?  There are those of us who leap to action at the slightest provocation..  from reaction.  In the lightning speed world of cyberspace, there are vast numbers of emails … Continue reading

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Happy for No Reason – Law of Attraction in Action

It’s easy to be happy when there’s a good reason.  When people are kind and events work out well.  It’s easy to feel good when circumstances fulfill desires and the future unfolds according to plan.  As a response to good … Continue reading

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