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I found her in the closet.  Wedged back into the corner, knees pulled against her chest, she hid her eyes behind small hands.  Hoping, perhaps, that I would not see her if she could not see me.  It was an … Continue reading

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This Awakening Project… This Little Light of Mine

Tulsa, Oklahoma is where I was born and raised, and — back in those days — every summer brought evangelical tent Revivals to town.  My parents were not only ‘not religious’ people, they were non religious Jewish people.  They were … Continue reading

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Awakening From The Dream… Which One?

It’s confusing sometimes — this awakening process.  The term means…  what?  Which part of my life is asleep?  I know.  I’m one of the many who bandy the term like I know of what I speak. And sometimes I do.  … Continue reading

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Nothing Is Different And Everything Is Changed – Awakening

“Nothing is different, and everything is changed.”  It’s a line from A Paul Simon song.  And every time I hear it, the thought resonates through me like Truth. The anticipation for BIG changes that will alter the course of civilization … Continue reading

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Surrender Into Awakening – Change is the Catalyst

How many times have I thought:  this isn’t the way I planned for this happen?  More times than I can count.  How many times did I resist an event or situation because it wasn’t  going the way I wanted it to … Continue reading

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Welcome Change – It’s How Life Works

One way or another, change happens.  Change, as some philosophers say, is the only constant  I don’t know about you… but with 59 years on the planet, I’m still coming to terms with this. Let go and let God.  Easy for someone … Continue reading

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Letting Go With Love – Awakening

My new mantra – letting go with love.  Awakening through letting go. Letting go isn’t new.  One way or another, we are in the process of letting go of something all the time, I think.  Whether it is a physical … Continue reading

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Make It Right, Then Make It Better – Awakening

Ho’oponopono means “to make right” in the language of Polynesia.  To make right means to clear the attachments that hold us in hard feelings and harsh judgements – to bring our focus into the “field beyond right and wrong” as … Continue reading

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Nature – The Infallible Teacher

Learning is the skill with which we are born.  From the moment (and perhaps even before) of first consciousness, we are gathering and integrating information.  Early on, our minds begin to formulate questions and seek answers.  It is a continual process, … Continue reading

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Free to Feel – Where the Power of Law of Attraction Lives

It can seem overwhelming sometimes – the obligations and commitments of Life.  We take them on one at a time, each one a seeming necessity in the pattern of living successfully in our communities and relationships.  Some appear as investments in our … Continue reading

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