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The Art of Fulfillment – A Principle of Awakening

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Cinderella Everyone I know has dreams and wishes their dreams would be fulfilled.  No exceptions in my experience.  Even followers of Buddha and other spiritual teachings that propose detachment is the definition … Continue reading

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This Awakening Project… This Little Light of Mine

Tulsa, Oklahoma is where I was born and raised, and — back in those days — every summer brought evangelical tent Revivals to town.  My parents were not only ‘not religious’ people, they were non religious Jewish people.  They were … Continue reading

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Qualities of an Awakened Mind – Awakening

What is the background “music” your mind plays?  Have you ever noticed the commentary?  Even more importantly, can you set consciously a mantra for the mind to repeat?  These are questions for the awakening Being to ponder. Because, it’s true … Continue reading

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Shamanism – Another Word for Creative Process?

Shamans intrigue me.  Even as a child, if a book’s description mentioned a shaman or shamanism, that was enough to get me to read it.  The words used to describe the practice of shamanism include mystical and magical and wisdom … Continue reading

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Diabetes – An Expert Teacher – Part 4; not a cautionary tale

Let me explain. Anyone reading the first three segments of “Diabetes – An Expert Teacher” might start to think this is a story of what can go wrong if Diabetes isn’t managed well.  Understandably.  However, this story is about so … Continue reading

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