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Tell Me What You Want–How Life Works

It’s been a few months since I put fingers to keyboard in the hope of communicating something fresh–something to inspire and activate your sense of wonder and wellbeing.  I just reread my last article (Emerging Awakened) and–it’s true–I come new and … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Spiritual Intervention–John of God

What day is it?  I think I may have lost track 😛  Wednesday morning, I went in for another spiritual intervention and spent the next twenty four hours in a “floaty” trance-like state.  In between spaces where there was no … Continue reading

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I found her in the closet.  Wedged back into the corner, knees pulled against her chest, she hid her eyes behind small hands.  Hoping, perhaps, that I would not see her if she could not see me.  It was an … Continue reading

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Shedding Skins–Awakening

I don’t know where to start.  I’m not sure where the beginning is.  We change by increments until–at some point–change changes us…and we are transformed.  And transformation no longer recognizes the path of its creation.  Is that what happened to me? … Continue reading

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Teach By Example–Awakening

It’s a natural impulse to share what we learn.  The inspired excitement of a new insight expands to connect–to reach out and teach. Like the effervescence of boiling water, new understanding bubbles and rises and pops and transforms.  If we … Continue reading

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Devotion, My Favorite Emotion in Awakening

I used to say it was love.  I used to say love was the end all of all emotions…which is not to say that I knew what love was.  Indeed, even today I hear the word love and I struggle to … Continue reading

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Ocean of Emotions – Awakening

I said once that my feeling body is as big as the Grand Canyon…and I want to take that back.  I want to say, unequivocally, my feeling body is an endless sea.  My ocean of emotion has no shores.  I … Continue reading

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Still Alive and Kicking — Awake in the Awakening

My body is alive sixty one years today…well, most of it is.  A few weeks ago, I discovered–through the serendipity of following the guidance I received while in Abadiania, Brazil with John of God to get a full spectrum of lab tests … Continue reading

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Leading Through Resonance–Creative Leadership

We humans continually explore the concept of leadership–how to lead effectively, how to lead creatively, how to lead…period.  Parents call it parenting.  Managers call it managing.  Politicians call it governing.  Call it what you will, leadership runs through our culture … Continue reading

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Solstice Renewal–Awakening

For many, this day goes by in a flurry of shopping lists and gift wrapping.  For many, this day means nothing more than a marker for a how many days are left before the more celebrated holiday of Christmas arrives. … Continue reading

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