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Why schedule a consultation?  Transitions and paradigm shifts happen.

Always, Ahnalira’s intention as a consultant is to offer solutions that enhance well-being and esteem. You can expect in a consultation with Ahnalira to have any topic you wish to discuss engage her fully; whether you have questions about a specific topic or a dream to interpret or complex circumstances that would benefit from knowledgeable support.  She offers insight from an intuition that comes from her connection to Source and brings clarity to areas that seem confounding.  After a consultation with Ahnalira, you will know yourself better and have a plan for inspired ‘next steps’.

Each consultation with Ahnalira is a process of empowerment that assists you to align into more and more conscious awareness in the process of awakening. 

spiritual healing, meditationHer 30+ years of experience in the field of human psychology (which includes her educational credentials as a Jungian psychotherapist as well as 25+ years in private practice and 20+ years certified as Meditation Teacher by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in the Awakening the LightBody technique: combined with her many years of study in the Teachings of Course in Miracles and Science of Mind as well as a wide scope of spiritual teachings, gives Ahnalira a unique ability to listen with unconditional love and respond with an insight that sparks the Wisdom Within.

She is available for Skype or face to face consultations by appointment.  Sessions are structured by an hourly fee of $195.00 and may go longer if requested.  For those who want to set up a credit account for more than one session, discounts are available.  Email Ahnalira to answer questions and arrange appointments for consultations at

Session Rates
1 session $195.00
5 sessions $939.00
10 sessions $1,770.00

Number of sessions

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