Fun and Easy Personality Game

Personality game, Personal growth, communicationOK, here we go..  First off, pick one of these shapes:

square      triange     circle      squiggle

The shape you pick…  the one that just popped out at you and into your head (without knowing it’s meaning; >) represents your core values.  There is often another shape that you will resonate to when you hear its description; this would be your secondary shape.


Primary value:  Get it done.

Squares are focused on results; their lack of interest in the process makes them seem standoffish at times.  They consider ‘talking about things’ a waste of good productivity   Alan has square as his secondary shape, and he is a master of productivity.  Squares often prefer to work solo, and they tend to be frugal.  Squares like rules; they create good definition and structure.


Primary value: Make it happen

Triangles are strategists and visionaries.  Triangles are often in charge and – if they aren’t in charge – they believe they should be.  Triangles focus on the bottom line; they don’t want to hear everything because it takes too long, and they are busy “making it happen”   Triangles are also results oriented.  They will spare no expense to see it done “right”.  Triangles will ask a lot of questions – not to gather information but to test the knowledge of the person they are talking to.  Triangles delegate.   Triangles make rules.   


Primary value: Caring

Circles are all about relationships.  They care that everyone has a good experience, and it matters to them how people feel.  Circles will spend as long as it takes making a personal connection before moving onto the business at hand.  Circles are loyal and will often extend themselves (sometimes over extend) for others.  Circles are often very social and the life of a party.  They love to tell a good story.  For Circles, the best result is a great memory of the experience.  They will spend whatever it takes to create good feelings all round.  Circles place rules secondary to a good feeling.   


Primary value: Having fun

Squiggles are about breaking the mold; they will do it their way, and their way is all about having fun.  Squiggles don’t want to get to know people better like Circles do – they just want to laugh with everyone.  For Squiggles, getting a good result is the by-product of having fun together.  Squiggles think rules are something to work around.  Squiggles get it done creatively; they are bound to be the person in the group that comes up with a new, fun way to do it   Squiggles often work alone so they feel free from constraint. Budget?  That’s just another constraint as far as Squiggles think…  and don’t ask them to be the one to make sure the schedule is followed. 

Now Personality game, personal growth, psychology, communicationthat you know “who” you are, ask the people close to you to pick a shape.  The best part of this game is learning what matters to the people around you and how you can most successfully communicate with them.

I am a primary circle and a secondary triangle (That makes me a circle with a triangle in it… or a star; >)  I love a good story as long as it doesn’t interfere with my timeline 😛  And I’ll spare no expense to create a great feeling/memory.  How about you?

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12 Responses to Fun and Easy Personality Game

  1. Lazar says:

    I’m a square shaped squiggle – I like structure and order, but I like it structured and ordered my way – even if it’s unconventional 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Circle with squiggle as the secondary shape.

    • ahnalira says:

      Shannon, a squiggly circle… I would say that for you the relationship always takes priority over the task, and you’ll find the fun in that relationship and milk it for all it’s worth; >)

  3. Lilly Fluger says:

    Hi, I’m a squiggle, what a fun game.
    Can’t wait to read your posts on psychic surg in Brazil, awesome.
    (A long time ago at a New York Seth conference was a guy doing a talk on his experiences in Philipines filming them doing psychic surg on his knee while another guy filmed him filming himself. It was awesome — never forgot it. I love possiLILLITIES!

  4. Sandra says:

    I’m a triangle with a squiggle.

    • ahnalira says:

      Sandra, that means you have fun while getting done.. and your strategies are often ‘outside the box’ ; >) Thanks for playing with me:)

  5. Sandi says:

    I’m a cirled squiggle! Who’d a thunk it?
    Can’t wait to see what Scotty says!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am primarily Squiggly and secondary Circle – Primarily Squiggly that’s fun to say!!

    • ahnalira says:

      A circular squiggly sounds like a fun ride to me, Stephanie! I bet nobody gets bored around you and everyone feels included 😛

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