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Spiritual health begins with loving our bodies–taking care of our bodies as a sanctuary in which the divine dwells.

Ahnalira’s Detox Protocol

How do you know that a detox protocol is a good idea for you? When you have a health goal that seems stalled regardless of your effort, chances are the biochemistry of your body is compromised by environmental toxins, heavy … Continue reading

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Loving Our Bodies Means Feeling Safe

Let’s talk science for a moment.  Proven fact: every emotion solicits hormones and neurotransmitters to evoke a host of chemical actions.  The blood fills with these “chemical feelings” and every cell in the body “reads” the chemical message to determine … Continue reading

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Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing

My new theme for all the writing here is: Come live in the rainbow with me, friends, and become the full spectrum light you are.  And, as usual, it’s through my personal journey of becoming that I gather these words to share. To … Continue reading

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Fun and Easy Personality Game

OK, here we go..  First off, pick one of these shapes: square      triange     circle      squiggle The shape you pick…  the one that just popped out at you and into your head (without knowing it’s meaning; >) represents your core values.  There … Continue reading

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Sanctuary for the Divine – Physical Well-being Re-defiined

Our bodies are sanctuaries for the Divine. I read that yesterday, and it stopped my mind in its tracks.  That’s a good thing. I’ve tended to think of my body and other peoples’ bodies, as I believe most of us … Continue reading

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