Tips to Enhance the John of God Experience

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Meditation garden at the Casa

We are well into Saturday afternoon here in Abadiania, Brazil, and enjoying the quiet laughter and inspiring music at Frutti’s.  Many have left town for parts unknown, and those of us gathered are relaxing into the meandering weekend rhythm.  Freshly juiced carrots with ginger and guacamole for my lunch–supporting the healing currents of the Casa de Dom Inacio on all levels 😉

Of course, we began our day at the Casa to make prayers for ourselves and friends. Then, we meditated while partaking of the crystal beds.  Even though John of God has a few days now to rest and rejuvenate in his personal surroundings, the entities are still very much present on the Casa de Dom Inacio grounds.  The current is strong, and the vibration of healing and transformation potent amidst the vibrant nature of the garden.

This will be our pattern through Tuesday–Casa de Dom Inacio in the morning to make prayers and meditate, Frutti’s in the afternoon and evening.  It is a good life.  A simple life.

We took a moment to share a few tips and the beauty of the Casa garden with you:

Thank you.  I love you.

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  1. Marion Moore says:

    What? No waterfall trips this time?

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