Saturday Morning in Abadiania–John of God

Abadiania-Day5-001Where to start?  How about: Bless this day 😀

Yesterday was the final day of the Casa series for the week.  Alan was just coming out from his seclusion from a spiritual intervention so we did crystal beds (“banhos de cristal”) in the morning and joined the Current (“Corrente”) room to meditate during the afternoon session.  The crystal bed for me was a blissed trance state lasting for forty minutes.  No words–just deeply relaxed in a total sense of well-being.  Sweet, right?

The Current room was potent for both Alan and myself…a continuation, I intuit, of our spiritual interventions.  You may recall that my primary request was to embody love.  Alan’s primary request for his intervention was to have an open heart and be a source of joy in his work environment.  My meditation involved a series of visitations from a variety of Beings of Light–all of them unique visually, from one which was an orange orb with a beatific smile (somewhat like a happy Buddha sunset) to a variety of geometric configurations…all of them beaming/radiating light into me.  Perhaps the most potent was a HUGE Being–like an ocean of light and love.  I was immersed in the currents, wrapped in love.  Held like a small child in the arms of love while the Being crooned into my self: “I love you.  You are loved.  I love the brokenhearted little one confused by what life gave her.  She is loved.  You are loved.  We are love.”  And when this entity receded from my mind, I felt more whole and integrated–loved and loving.

Alan said that, for him, it was like watching a four hour movie of himself, openhearted joyful, living the days of his life.  Anchoring, he said, the qualities into his being.  Yes, that’s right.  I said four hours.  The afternoon meditation session lasted five hours… and both of us were fully engaged in the meditation for the first four.

john of god, spiritual awakening

All I Am embodies love.

That fifth hour was a stretch for both of us!  I turned to prayer.  I prayed for all of the people I love.  I prayed for myself to hold steady in service to Medium Joao.  And, finally, I just sat with my eyes closed and waited.  I did my best.

Last night, I slept deep and hard…waking only to test my blood sugar (44) and eat a little something to bring it back.

Today is for resting and walking the labyrinth at our pousada.  Tomorrow–Sacred Waterfall!

Thank you, John of God, for making all of this possible.

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  1. It took years of worry off your look… beautiful journeys

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