A Sacred Waterfall Day in Abadiania–John of God

John of GodSundays are quiet in Abadiania.  Many leave after the last session on Friday or Saturday to catch their flight back to where ever in the world they reside.  Locals, brought in large tour buses during the week, are long gone as well after the Friday afternoon session ends.  Abadiania, in other words, is a sleepy village on Sunday…and Sunday is a great day to go to the Sacred Waterfall 😉

Located “down the dirt road” from the Casa de Dom Inacio, the Sacred Waterfall is known for spontaneous healings that occur under its very, very cold current–a place where entities like to “chill” and offer assistance to those of us that get permission from John of God to make the trek.

And it is a trek.  Some people hike for about twenty five minutes to the entrance of the waterfall, and others of us (including Alan and me) hire a taxi to drive us to the entrance….because, even then, there is still a very, very steep incline of about a half mile to navigate before we find ourselves “there” under the sacred current.

Alan and I made pilgrimage to the Sacred Waterfall many times before May, 2012, when I shattered a vertebra in a horse riding accident.  We haven’t been since… until today.  Today, a long held desire came to fruition:  I hiked the incline and bathed in sacred waters.  I did it!!!  (Watch the video clip at the bottom of the article for a few more details.)

You will hear water in the video clip, and you may wonder if we filmed at the waterfall… no, no.  That would be in violation of the request John of God makes of us to hold the experience sacred, right?  We filmed at our pousada, Luz Divina, where there is a gorgeous water feature by the entrance.

john of god, spiritual healing, Luz Divina

Here is the bed in our room. How gentle and inviting it is, right?

Above the headboard, a prayer triangle and delightful reading lights in the wall.  As well, an iridescent picture of Jesus.

Above the headboard, a prayer triangle and delightful reading lights in the wall. As well, an iridescent picture of Jesus.












john of god, spiritual healing, Luz Divina

Lovely art painted on the walls all around the pousada

john of god, spiritual healing, Luz Divina

Sunset over the pasture that butts up to the pousada

Luz Divina, John of God, spiritual healing

The labyrinth enhances the sense of sacred in the garden of Luz Divina

I am so comfortable and relaxed in Pousada Luz Divina.  It has such a soft and kind ambiance.  You can see by the pictures I snapped today that the sense of peaceful joy is so easy to sustain here.  It truly has a “sanctuary” feel to me.  I have toured several of the pousadas in Abadiania yet none of them touched my heart in the same way–there is an attention to detail in the room amenities that made me feel relaxed and at “home” here.

Tomorrow, I will rest my back because–yes–I did overwork it doing the climb…but it was SO worth it 😀  Banho de Cristal (Crystal Bath) and weaving worlds and making prayers as we begin the new week, preparing for the Wednesday through Friday sessions with beloved John of God.

Blessings on you, my friends.  I love you.



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9 Responses to A Sacred Waterfall Day in Abadiania–John of God

  1. alyanm says:

    That waterfall seems to have brought the blue right out in your eyes!

  2. Ritambhara Tyson says:

    Love seeing you move at the end of your video. YES!

  3. Marion Moore says:

    I’m so happy for you, Ahnalira, that you got to the waterfall! Yay!!

    And Alan….. what is this with needing to cool your brain down???? Does the brain get overheated working at Amazon??

  4. great to see… back do heal, just don’t push it to far. I’m one to push myself all the time with mine, and yeah sometimes we over do it. It might be tired the next day but great to push forward.

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