John of God – Afternoon of the First Day in the Casa

I scheduled the three Crystal Baths around the afternoon session so that I could sit in the Current Room during my friends’ surgeries.  I did two back to back before, and I came into the Current Room feeling refreshed, relaxed, and eager to experience.  I’d read many articles on the internet and watched video clips on Google that talked about the Current Room and how powerful it can be in its own right; that not only did the group focus create an energetic support system for the psychic surgeries, but that the Entities also worked with people during meditation there…  Like I said, I was eager!

John of God, meditation, psychic surgery, spine injury, diabetesAs soon as I closed my eyes, I felt waves of energy passing through my body.  In my mind’s eye, I saw patterns of light: spirals, orbs that radiated like a ripple, beams passing through my awareness, morphing colors.  Truly, a visual cornucopia…  which for me is somewhat unusual as my more typical mode in these types of experiences is auditory and kinesthetic. 

At some point – maybe two-thirds of the way through the 3 hour meditation – I began to feel small, pulsing spasms moving up and down my spine, and especially at the two sites where I had fractured vertebrae.  It didn’t hurt, though I wouldn’t call it ‘pleasant’, either.  I began to feel the urge to gently move and rotate (in small motions) my back.  So I did.  I felt energy moving up and down my back and out through my head and feet.

After this experience, I started to fidget.  Between the visual show and the waves of energy I felt, it was relatively easy to sit ‘still’, but once I’d felt the release of energy through my body, the desire to get up and get to my final Crystal Bath became my foremost point of focus.  Somehow I managed to contain myself 😛

I left the meditation feeling a little ‘ragged’ (from all of the energy, I assume), and I was eager for the soothing and rejuvenating Crystal Bath experience.  Again, it did not disappoint.  However, when I was done with the Bath, I felt like my blood sugar was a little low – unusual for me at this time of day. 

I walked the short distance back to my Pousada and tested my blood sugar – it was 48.  For those unfamiliar with blood sugar science: 100 is normal.  80 is low.  120 is typically as high as a non-diabetic’s blood sugar will spike after a large meal.  Taking 5 insulin injections per day, I strive to maintain blood sugars between 90 and 150.  48 is very low.  Typically, there are three John of God, meditation, Crystal Beds, Diabetes, spine injuryreasons for blood sugar to drop: didn’t eat enough at the previous meal, exercised more than anticipated, or took too much insulin.  In this case, none of those reasons were immediately apparent, so I concluded this was ‘somehow’ part of the Casa experience. 

The evening was quiet.  My friends were in seclusion for 24 hours after their surgery so I had me, myself, and I to enjoy.  In preparation for my ‘big day’, I rested and relaxed and reflected.  It was good.

Stay tuned…  the adventure continues.

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4 Responses to John of God – Afternoon of the First Day in the Casa

  1. Alan says:

    I like the way you worked some info about diabetes into that 🙂

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  3. Shannon says:

    I really love hearing your journey and experiences. It sounds amazing! So wonderful to hear of healing happening. My friend says she is starting to see the white entities in the current room. I want to feel that frequency right here in my living room.

  4. Lazar says:

    I like the imagery of your meditation

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