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John of God, meditation, spiritual healingIt’s Tuesday, and we have been here one week.  Today, I complete the spiritual intervention process that began last Wednesday morning.  That’s right–even though the seclusion ended after twenty four hours, the intervention continues for a full week.  Then, on the seventh night (tonight,) I will make a prayer before going to sleep–in a white nightie–and the entity will complete the process.  In the morning, I’ll drink a glass of the blessed water that will have been “charged” by the entity during the night.

Tomorrow I would typically go through the Revision line–eight days after spiritual intervention or first day returning to Casa de Dom Inacio.  In the revision line, we go before John of God to determine if there is anything further needed to complete the spiritual intervention from the past week.  However, these days folks in the revision line are given the option of volunteering for another spiritual intervention… guess what I’m going to do?

Yep.  I will be in volunteering for another spiritual intervention tomorrow morning.  I’ve got it all worked out:  spiritual intervention Wednesday morning, seclusion until Thursday morning, back to the Casa Thursday afternoon for meditating in the Current (Corrente) room, Friday morning in line to go before John of God (It seems only right to stand before the entity at least once during the trip to express my gratitude, right?)  There is always a possibility that the entity will send me into another spiritual intervention Friday afternoon,  (Alan is sure they will 😉 )  We shall see…but  I won’t book any banhos de Cristal (Crystal baths) just in case.

By the way, Alan did have another spontaneous healing.  When he went before John of God and got sent to a spiritual intervention, one of his requests was for a pain he’s had in his foot for several months… pain is gone.  Yay, for Alan, right?

John of God, Dr Augusto, Casa de Dom Inacio, spiritual healingMy miracles are more incremental, yet no less wonderful…  I hiked to the Sacred Waterfall, for example.  Small miracle 😀  Indeed, I am hiking around Abadiania about 75% of the time, putting in at least a couple of miles per day.  Small miracle 😀  My requests for help to embody love and fulfill my Soul’s mission–all of these “feel” in motion.  I abide in trust and faith.  To live relaxed in faith and trust–small miracle, too, right?

And, as usual, I have been making prayer requests for friends and family who wanted one…and one of them has already come to fruition 😀  Respecting the privacy of the person and their request, I won’t go into details…but I would like to share with you, my friends, the celebratory joy of his experience.  Blessed be!

Thank you.  I love you.

John of God, healing, spirtual surgery, healing


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