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Two weeks ago, I planned to be in flight to Abadiania, Brazil today to immerse myself in the healing currents of Casa Dom Ignacio and Medium Joao (better known as John of God here in the US; >)  Two weeks ago, I was making packing lists, reflecting with gratitude upon the vast well-being I’ve already received from my visits to Abadiania, and meditating upon what is next for me on this adventure of awakening into All I Am with the help of the Entities.  I was finishing up my last set of herbs from the previous spiritual surgeries in December, 2011, and observing the shifts of consciousness in both my body and mind as I prepared.  That was two weeks ago.

My heart was full of gratitude that morning, two weeks ago, when I made the prayer welcoming whatever was called for to assist me to my next level of evolution.  I went back to the barn to play with the horses, chock full of eagerness for Life’s adventure and prepared Fancy Free’s tack with calm assurance that she and I would bond in love as I climbed into the saddle on her back…  our first time together.

No one was more surprised than me when she started bucking.  And, on the third buck when I realized I was going down, no one was more surprised than me at how events had turned.  All of a sudden, everything was beyond my control — Fancy Free, my body, and then the shearing pain.  At first, the pain was so sharp I couldn’t breathe.  I could barely move.  The thought running through my mind was simple (even if illogical :P), “I don’t know how this helps me prepare for Abadiania and John of God, but I know it does, and I’m still going.”

A sunny Sunday play-date transformed into a medical crisis in less than a minute.  Tests and X-rays (thank the heavens for medical technology) revealed three fractured ribs (one in multiple locations), a burst vertebra, and two herniated discs.  I was scheduled for emergency surgery to stabilize the vertebra and eliminate the risk of shards severing the spinal cord.  Again, my only sense of personal control was to claim the power of good in all experience as I surrendered into a flow of decisions made by immediacy and emergency.

That was two weeks ago.

So, today — instead of driving to Miami to catch the flight to Abadiania — I rest and let time heal.  And while times heals my body for a few extra weeks before I make the journey to Abadiania, I reflect on the power of prayer and surrender.

I wonder if the newly emerged butterfly feels the same tender vulnerability as her body rests from the effort of breaking through the chrysalis to realize the transformation from crawler to winged being.  I wonder if healing broken bones released what no longer serves in the breaking and now knit into being a structure to hold the physical, emotional, and mental of All I Am becoming.  If I had known in making the prayer to allow whatever will bring more light and love into my Being that meant extreme pain and weeks of immobility to heal and integrate, would I have been as willing to surrender into the prayer as I did?  I like to believe so.  I believe love knows no boundary — even pain is part of love.  Even broken bones are part of love.  That Love transforms me is a certainty.  That my Life is changed is a certainty.  How the transformation will unfold is the adventure we are calling the healing process.

John of God, Casa Dom IgnacioAnd I will bring this process again to Abadiania and the Casa Dom Ignacio on June 26th.  I will, of course, share my experiences while I am there.  And as always, I am happy to bring prayers for anyone who would like me to place one in the Prayer Basket for them.  Email me at ahnalira@ahnalira-connectedcounsel.com  with the focus of your prayer’s intent, your full name, the city where you live, and your birthday.  It is very important that people making a prayer are involved in the asking of the prayer.  So, please ask only for yourself and invite your friends and loved ones to contact me directly if they would like a prayer made as well.

Together, we are the awakening.  Together, we are the solution.  Together, we are love given, love shared, and the love received.

Thank you.  I love you.

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20 Responses to Abadiania, Here I Come – John of God

  1. Marion Moore says:

    Whew. I am thankful that you decided to delay the trip to Brazil….and glad for you that it is just a delay, not a cancellation. May your healing progress rapidly; I send much light and love to you.

  2. David Stone says:

    It may be that part of your mission is finding a way to express and explain transcendental love in a way that is clearer than any of us have been able to pull off so far.

    As for the accident with Fancy Free, it was a wakeup call, I think. Maybe you were too complacent, too sure, and had to reminded that the long road has both ups and downs and only deliberate awareness can tell you which is which.

    • ahnalira says:

      Thank you, David, for sharing your insights.

      “Wake up call” I’ve always liked this particular turn of a phrase. I will reflect further on this and let the dots connect in how it all comes together for me. One thing for sure: the direction I thought Fancy Free and I were headed in our relationship (me riding on her back) is changed, and she and I will be forging a new dynamic in our partnership. How true it is that we get complacent about relationships, taking for granted expectations and assumptions. This is most definitely a wake up call about that 😛
      ahnalira recently posted..Letting Go With Love – Awakening

  3. Dave Stone says:

    You write so effectively, my hope is that you find a way to share your clarity in a way that helps change the paradigm in how we express these things. Genuineness is easy to feel inside, but putting it into words is another thing. You’re on the edge of something unique for us to learn. Put that inner wordsmith hard at work.

    • ahnalira says:

      I will accept that hope, David, and nurture it. Let’s see what blossoms, shall we? From ash, the Phoenix rises. From soil cleared by natural disaster, a new garden grows. Indeed, there are seeds that lie dormant for hundreds of years waiting for the heat of a forest fire to ignite their germination. I like the word “ingnite.” My inner wordsmith just got ingnited, I think 😛
      ahnalira recently posted..Shamanism – Another Word for Creative Process?

  4. Lazar says:

    safe travels!!! Hope the trip to John of God is the best one yet.

  5. alex says:

    I am completely consumed by the vision of a fortune cookie breaking open. The treasure and wisdom inside revealed. I think on some levels this is physical as well with healings that could only be accomplished by breaking and realigning.

    I remember my dad once grabbing my grandmother who had fallen in Mexico and flattened her nose. While others looked on, he simply took hold of her nose and snapped it back into place. Reduced it and it went back to where it was supposed to be. I think that some things in your spine or your body from your previous accidents was ready to be released and you had healed the energetic wounds and released the charge of it and then in your genuine heartfelt love you asked for more love, and more expansion and so the next logical step occurred. I love the analogy of the butterfly but I am also reminded of the vision quests and rites of adulthood that many indigenous peoples pass through. They involve some expansion and wisdom but all involve courage, bravery and not a little bit of discomfort and pain….it is with a patient heart and an overwhelming feeling of peace that you allow pain to reshape you. I have been there myself and have felt the realignment, and it is good…baptism by fire so to speak.

    HUGE hugs to you and fancy free and alam and sending love for your continued healing and expansion! me…

  6. Sergio says:

    These days I watched a testimonial video on YT (in Portuguese) and Dr. Augusto said: “I’m not here to cure anyone, I’m here to take people to God.” (at least that’s what I remember he said).
    And what’s God? The Absolute is “beyond” every form of manifestation. It’s “here, now”, it transcends evolution itself.
    We don’t need to do anything to be in God.

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  8. Susan says:

    My thoughts are with you.



  9. Marion Moore says:

    As your new departure date comes near…. I am so thankful to see posts from you indicating that healing is progressing quickly. I am no longer concerned that the trip will be uncomfortable for you; instead I am cheering you on to get to that wonderful John of God energy and soak it in, for even faster (maybe even instantaneous!) healing.

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