The Answer is Always Available – Law of Attraction in Action

It’s funny, isn’t it?

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There is always a question.

Perpetually, we seek solutions.  No matter how much we accomplish, figure out, and define as expertise…  Always, in some area of Life we seek answers.  No sooner does one solution fall into place, then two more questions pop into being.  That’s how Life works.

The questions on my mind right now is:  Why does uncertainty accompany the asking? Why, when we don’t know the answer, do we feel anxious that we won’t find the answer or driven to find what we don’t have yet?  How can standing in the question be fun and full of Grace?

It seems such a natural progression – that the solution to one situation would spark new questions and new mysteries to solve.  Indeed, it seems to me that the very nature of curiosity and intelligence evokes questions and exploration into uncharted territories.  From the first moment we are born into breathing air instead of amniotic fluid, we reach beyond our comfort to embrace the new experience.  A toddler lets go of the wall to walk across the room for the very first time.  She might fall; she probably will.  But she lets go and steps into the uncertainty, eager and willing to learn.

I wonder how would a toddler face these questions…

  • If I quit my job to fulfill a dream, how will I support myself?
  • If I buy a home, how do I know I’ll be able to make the mortgage payment?
  • If I forgive and release what happened in the past, how will I define myself now?
  • If I pray for help, how will I know my prayers are answered?

The answer is always in the question; that’s what the law of attraction says.  As soon as it is possible to formulate a desire, the fulfillment of that desire exists…  Waiting for us to stop talking about how long we’ve looked for and not foulet go, trust, laughnd the answer.   Waiting for us to shift our perceptions and beliefs just enough to feel hopeful that there is an answer.  Waiting for us to stop asking long enough to hear the answer:

Step away from the wall, with just enough hope to believe you’ll stand without leaning… then take a step, with just enough hope to believe you can.  If you fall, start laughing. 

In laughter, the answer is always available.  In trust, the answer always comes,  In truth, the answer is always the simplest and kindest option.

Thank you.  I love you.

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4 Responses to The Answer is Always Available – Law of Attraction in Action

  1. Lazar says:

    I like the part about hope

  2. alyanm says:

    For years I’ve known that the simplest programming solution is usually the best one — what a surprise to think that rule applies to my life as well :O
    alyanm recently posted..How do I come up with a mobile app idea

    • ahnalira says:

      Programming and law of attraction… different tracks with the same solution. I think there might be a pithy gem in that somewhere 😛

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