Persevere – Law of Intention Supports the Law of Attraction

law of attraction, law of intention, fulfillment, writer, authorPerseverance is not often associated with fun.  More likely, it’s categorized with hard work in the face of challenge.  Occasionally, I’ll meet someone who feels great esteem at their capacity to see a commitment through to completion no matter what the odds or obstacles.  More often, I find others -and myself – saying, “Why do this when it’s taking so long or feels so hard?  Why not find an easier path?

“Life is a journey,” many philosophers say, “It’s the process – not the destination – that defines who we are.”  Is it of more value to make each step of the journey fun then?  Or, can it be as rewarding to build the path as we travel it, cobblestone by cobblestone, creating a structure and form as we move through our days?  And, is it possible to make building a road fun? (see The World Needs Dreamers That Do – Law of Attraction in Action)

In the teachings of the Law of Attraction, it would seem that finding the path of moment to moment to moment happiness should attract the fulfillment of all desires.  If I am consistently happy, then I attract more and more experiences that enhance my happiness.  It’s as simple as that.  An irrefutable law.  If I find my way to the happy side of the street (see Happy For No Reason – Law of Attraction in Action), then all my dreams should come true.  Right?


Sometimes, we want something that doesn’t seem to come…  no matter how good our attitude is.  This is when the Law of Intention shows its power; the power of belief.  The truth is:  It’s not possible to stop wanting a desire fulfilled; the only thing to give up on is the belief it can happen.

For example, there’s me and my Life as a writer.  I was that kid who carried a notebook with me everywhere I went, turning all my experiences into poems and songs and short stories.  Yes, that was me at 10.  At 12, my teacher was sending my short stories into national competitions, and I believed (and desired) with all my heart that I would grow up to be a successful author.  Writing traveled with me through my 2 year stint as a street-kid and continued to be a source of comfort and esteem as I journal-ed and essayed my way back into mainstream society and a career as a Jungian Psychotherapist.  No matter what the path I traveled, I wrote.  I wasn’t always happy through those years, but I always ‘knew’ writing was my talent, and I would write a book ‘some day’.

And I did.  And it was ‘almost’ published.  And the disappointment I felt when the publishing contract fell through was enough to make me lose faith.  Faith in my belief.  People continued to urge me to write.  If I had a dollar for every person who said, “Ahnalira, you should write a book.” during the years I didn’t believe I could, I would have a tidy sum for investment…  But I gave up; it seemed too hard and the loss too great to bear again.  I unplugged my intention.

law of attraction, law of intention, fulfillment, author, writerDesire doesn’t die with the absence of intention; it simply loses the power source that fuels it.  One day – it was inevitable – I remembered: I am a writer.  And I started writing again.  My intention to write, regardless of the result, became a path for me to build.  Every time, I expressed the power of this intention – every time I wrote a page, I claimed, “I am a successful writer.”  And I learned that perseverance is another way of saying, “I believe my desires do come true.”

Someday, all of these pages will be a book.  This thought makes me very happy.  The power of belief ignites the law of intention to fuel the law of attraction into form.

Whatever it is you really want, learn to find joy in perseverance.  And, I promise you, you will know fulfillment in the process.

I love you.  Thank you.

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13 Responses to Persevere – Law of Intention Supports the Law of Attraction

  1. This is an amazing way to realize that the journey is always good and always on the right path. Your power source is renewed, and you can gain so many wisdoms from each path that brought you to this point.

    I love you, too. I am blessed to know you.

  2. alyanm says:

    I really resonate with the thought that persistence and fun can live hand in hand, it’s like an essential spiritual contradiction. Woohoo, Ahnalira the writer! Welcome back!

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  4. Lazar says:

    We’ll throw a party to celebrate when you finish your book 🙂

  5. Marion says:

    Intention is the power source! That statement resonates with me!

    • ahnalira says:

      I ‘see’ intention sitting in the center of a wheel – the hub, as it were. And all of the spokes going out from it are strong and stable as they connect to the outer rim where the wheel hits the road as action.

      That’s one of my metaphors for intention.

      And, of course, there’s also intention as the current that flows through action like electricity through a toaster. I like that one, too; >)

  6. Francine says:

    I came upon this article today, and it made me smile. You re-plugged in your intention to write a book, and it is happening. Your first book is being published, and am I correct that you are now working on your second book?
    Francine recently posted..AVATAR Themed Land Coming To Disney Animal Kingdom!

  7. Mary Stout says:

    I just discovered you and have been reading your blog. Much of what I have read resonates in my soul as to what I long for and believe is my life destiny…to be an uplifting and inspiration to give others the hope that they can fulfill their dreams as well. Thank you!

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