Inspired Action – Law of Attraction in Action

inspired action, meditation, law of attractionHow does one know when the impulse to act comes from inspiration? 

There are those of us who leap to action at the slightest provocation..  from reaction.  In the lightning speed world of cyberspace, there are vast numbers of emails that go out because the send button gets clicked from this impulse.  You know if I’m talking to you.

On the other hand, some of us are so careful to make sure the choice we make is the ‘right’ one that an action impulse could come wrapped in a halo of clarity, and we would still wait, wondering if we are misreading the signs.

How does one know?

Personally, I come from the “Make a decision and then make it right” camp.  If anything, I’m inclined to act for no other reason than to keep movement happening.  (I’ve learned to put email in a drafts folder for awhile sometimes before I send them :P)  And, while I always find the path to make a decision work out for me in the long run, sometimes it is clear to me in hindsight that a little more foresight could have saved me some time and effort.

Foresight.  The ability to see the pattern of ramifications an action creates.

So, perhaps the question becomes:  How does one develop the skill of foresight?

It is a skill; not just a random gift/talent like being double-jointed or blessed with nice eyes.  Foresight – even in the most impulsive types of people – can be molded and strengthened.  by developing the ability to focus broad and general, then pointedly and specifically – like looking close and then far away with the eyes repeatedly – the mind can be trained to consider both the forest and the trees.  It’s like riding a bike; while disorienting at first and taking practice to learn how to balance and pedal and turn all at the same time…  once the skill takes hold, it’s never forgotten.  And, almost magically, the ability to see the big picture ramifications from the immediate choices becomes simultaneous.

Add meditation to mix, and inspiration happens.  In meditation – softening the focus of the mind into a diffuse state of floating and flowing to an inner current – foresight evolves.  The capacity to hold both awarenesses at the same time becomes permeable to insights that emerge in the soft, quiet meditative state. 

The way these insights come to each individual is as unique as is the person; they could be visual like a certain idea lighting up.  They could come as an auditory voice speaking within the mind or as a sensation in the body that just “feels” right.  The only one who knows that sweet spot where insights resonate like inspiration is the person who experiences the moment.

The ‘knowing’ comes with trusting the feeling.  Inspired Guidance always brings a fragrance of Well-being with it.  The feeling of it evokes eagerness or anticipation or appreciation or -plainly said – happiness. 

Diabetes, Diabetes expert, diabetes lifestyle, law of attractionAction taken from these feelings can only attract more of the same.  That’s the law of attraction. Inspired action, then, is action that enhances and increases happiness.  And the best foresight comes when one can ‘see’ down the road to just how much happiness an action has the probability of creating.

The moral of this story…  Next time you feel irritated or frustrated and inclined to whip out a retort or an email, remember the foresight muscle and go ride your bike 😛  And the next time you feel unable to decide what to do, take action in meditation and listen for the feeling that inspires.

Thank you.  I love you.

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7 Responses to Inspired Action – Law of Attraction in Action

  1. Alan Moore says:

    I guess I’m in the second category — sometimes, I think, I’m just never sure… I better go meditate!

  2. ahnalira says:

    Fine plan; >)

  3. Kerrie says:

    Great post! Thanks!

  4. Marion says:

    I love the “moral of your story” – good advice for us all.

  5. Comotyslest says:

    I was more than happy to search out this web-site. I wanted to many thanks for the effort for this fantastic read!! I certainly enjoying each and every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

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