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law of attractionIt can seem overwhelming sometimes – the obligations and commitments of Life. 

We take them on one at a time, each one a seeming necessity in the pattern of living successfully in our communities and relationships.  Some appear as investments in our success – school loans, car loans, health insurance.  Some give us a sense of stability and connection – family, friends, partners.  Each commitment and obligation serves to create a framework upon which our choices hang.  These structures come to define us and the pattern of our lives…

Until we want something that doesn’t fit. When a desire emerges that doesn’t get satisfaction within the lifestyle created, then these commitments/obligations become more like prison walls than the structures to support success they were meant to be. 

When a compelling urge towards fulfillment finds itself thwarted, the tendency is to blame.  Blame the commitments.  Blame the obligations.  Blame the job we have to keep to make the payments.  Blame the partner who expects us to keep agreements.  Blame the parents.  Blame world events.  Blame.  And the more we blame, the more powerless we feel to fulfill the powerful desire within.

There is another option.

No matter how constricting a circumstance seems; no matter how powerless we feel to change the momentum or direction our Life’s decisions create, we still have choice.  The choice to find a better feeling place within. 

No matter what we want, the point of the fulfilling that desire is to feel good.  No matter the form it takes.  No matter the way it shapes our lifestyle.  The true fulfillment of any desire is to feel happy.

Some would say walk away from anything that stops feeling good.  Some would say keep agreements only if it feels good, and pursue only what feels good.

There is another option.  Look inward.  Own the feelings that spark the desire for something different.  Claim responsibility for the attitudes that influence feeling happy.  Awaken the ability to separate feelings from circumstances, and – in doing so – empower feelings to evolve independently.

law of attraction, feelings, happiness, meditationWhen feelings are free to flow, they will naturally move towards happiness.  Like a river to the sea.  Like a cork bobbing to the surface.  Like flowers growing towards the sun.  Released from attachments to circumstance, feelings always flow towards feeling better.  While it is true they may move through fear or anger or frustration to get there, given the freedom to flow feelings move magnetically towards relief.

Consider the possibilities.  If we can let go the tendency to associate feelings to circumstance – let go of the requirement that the circumstance needs to change for the feeling to change – and ride the current, then we are forever free to reach for and find happy feelings no matter what the commitments and obligations we keep.

Power is Being, and the dance is Creation; flows through us a river to sea.

Ride the current on a raft of imagination.  Feel the flow.  Home.

Thank you.  I love you.

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