Now – It’s Where Law of Attraction Happens

It’s true. I’m a hippie, tried and true, from ‘the day’. I read Be Here Now and carried it alaw of attraction, ho'oponopono, spiritual awakeninground like my bible for years. I got that – if I could immerse myself fully in the present moment, moment to moment – I’d be enlightened… I just couldn’t ‘get’ how to translate the concept into my experience.

Recently, I’ve come to understand that it was my idea of what “NOW” is that was flawed. I thought “NOW” was my moment to moment experience. Now, I realize that the present moment is actually the state of my thoughts and feelings… what I am experiencing is the result of the thoughts and feelings in my past. 

The interactions I am having today are the result of how I thought and felt about that person (or people) ‘yesterday’. The health of my physical state today is really a reflection of what was going on for me emotionally and attitudinally ‘yesterday’. My finances today are a measure of how abundant I felt ‘yesterday’. What I am living today as an experience is actually a reflection of how felt and thought in the past.

Hence, the power of “NOW” is in how I think and feel. And what’s really cool for me in this realization is that I have absolute control of where I point my focus. I can focus towards what brings me a sense of Well-Being; feeling good about myself and the world around me… or not. I love knowing I am in charge of my thoughts and feelings!

But what I love knowing even more is that Heaven on Earth is just that simple. Be Here Now always made sense to me, and now I know why. I am so appreciative of the wisdom so readily available just by our desire to focus on it:)
Thank you. I love you.

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2 Responses to Now – It’s Where Law of Attraction Happens

  1. Pixie says:

    I like your point that where we are now is a product of where we have been. To me, Be Here Now – and yes, mine is still there on my bookshelf, a monument to my tried and true hippieness too 😉 – Be Here Now means moving past that product, and into the present moment. A clean, fresh moment not weighed down with the baggage of the past, and not encumbered by the fears, and even the dreams, of the future. Totally pumping gas when I am doing just that – just pumping the gas! I always remember that one from the book – the mundaneness of the moment lends the power to his point. As you so aptly put it – Heaven on Earth is knowing we have the power to Be Here Now. Love your writings, my dear friend! I often miss you, and am so glad you have this here for me to visit 🙂

    • ahnalira says:

      Cyberspace is a magical place where hearts connect and minds inspire each others to new awareness. How lucky are we to be here now 😛

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