In the Midst of a Ripple – Ho’oponopono and The Wings of a Butterfly

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vortex of attraction, vibrational alignmentThere is an Hawai’ian practice called Ho’oponopono. Its premise is absolute 100% personal responsibility. If I observe it, I am responsible for it. If I experience it, I am responsible for it. If you are upset with me, I am responsible for it. If I feel love for you, I am responsible for it. If I am upset by something someone does – whether to me or another – I am responsible for it. Absolute responsibility. In the purest form of Ho’oponopono, the only relationship that is real is the relationship with Self, and the only solution is to dissolve the resistant thoughts and feelings that inhibit love.

As well, there is a current idea based on mathematical probabilities that the slightest action by anyone impacts everything. A butterfly fluttering in one area of the world creates winds in another. An act of violence in Africa impacts the quality of relationships in China. A gesture of kindness ripples through the stratus and touches many more souls than the person being helped. And every action everywhere is influencing something somewhere.

The two philosophies intrigue me in their apparent opposition – like yin and yang. They intrigue me, in part, because when I focus on either of them solely the concept is bigger than my ability to fully comprehend. I can understand both of them in the abstract, but when I attempt to apply the respective principles in my Life, I become confused by the infinitely vast ‘place’ they take my mind.

John of God, vortex of attraction, law of attraction, healing, diabetesHowever, when I meld them.. When I imagine that I am a participative agent of every experience happening on this planet… When I consider that every choice I make has an impact on a world of Life… When I conceive the possibility that I am influenced by the choices and actions of Life in all its forms… Then, I begin to feel connected to the blood and breath of vibration that permeates all Life.

Then, I glimpse what an immense power it is – absolute responsibility – to choose an intention, a point of focus, an action. When I allow myself to be, simultaneously, a creative force that shapes reality to reflect mySelf to me AND a point of consciousness on a much larger grid of vibration undulating in a sea of ripples made by points of consciousness all along the grid, then I begin to understand what All I Am means.

A ripple of light so small the naked eye can’t see it. I ride that ripple. An oceanic ripple so huge it carries a whale. I created that ripple. Make a ripple and ride it; be the ripple and become the result of rippling. And always, consider how can I be ripples that open and welcome and engage and influence harmoniously? How can I be the act of wellbeing and the result of wellbeing? I appreciate the opportunity.

I love you. Thank you

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3 Responses to In the Midst of a Ripple – Ho’oponopono and The Wings of a Butterfly

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  3. Nichole O says:

    I love how you mold your words bc it totally resonates! Yes it resonates in a truthful(non-manipulative way 😉 that feels pure to the purest form (multiple forms of course) of self-responsibility. Love reading your words on my emf of screwed upness towards the brain screen! All taken in balance of course. To try and take in balance of course! lol
    It reminds me of why I am starting to put forth my energy into my blog. Such a great space for creative venting and wanting to be heard. If not for me, purely for others, bc that’s what truly feels great!!

    Much <3
    Nichole O

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