I Walk the Line – of Ho’oponopono

Everything I see is a reflection of me.
Everything I notice shows me who I am.
Everything in me projects out and reflects back in the world around me.

This I read and hear in spirtual, philosophical, and pyschological ideolgies. This I believe and accept in the abstract.

Personality game, Personal growth, communication, ho'oponopono, law of attractionWhen I attempt to make it more concrete.. When I say that person who I find irritating or frustrating is not the source of my feelings, they are just the screen where I project my feelings. When I say if the economic downturn has impact on me in my Life, then I am seeing the ways I disempower myself and others to thrive. When I say this joy I feel when I play with my filly or snuggle with my Honey is me opening me to the vast wellspring of WellBeing that abides within. …then I am awed beyond comprehension by how connected everything is and made humble as well.

Because if everything I see and feel and experience is in me and part of me, then my choices – all of them – are important.┬áIf my ability to turn a skeptic viewpoint to a genuinely hopeful feeling could influence the life of a child somewhere who could use some help, then I want to discipline my attitude towards optimism. If my willingness to give someone whose views I don’t understand the benefit of the doubt decreases conflict in the world, then I want to see friends with a different viewpoint rather than adversaries. If I can laugh and – by doing so – lift the vibration of my community, then I make my day’s work finding the humor in everything.

I heard say that the beating wings of a butterfly affect weather patterns globally. I admit there are times I forget how important butterflies are just as I dismiss my thoughts and attitudes sometimes as having no bearing on my experience. So I walk the line.

I walk the line, doing my best to make each step conscious. I walk the line, aiming for balance between the desire for more and satisfaction with what is. I walk the line, defining the line by my values and doing my best to stay integrous to them. I walk the line, giving thanks to the world so willing to help me find my way and keep my balance by reflecting back to me the world I AM.

For the times when Life helps me slow because I’m going too fast to stay in balance with the line, I appreciate. For the times when people around me show me how to love myself better by criticising others less, I appreciate. For times when I feel the love of All I Am reflected back to me in the eyes of another, I appreciate. For times when I feel laughter spread through a room and connect all of us in joy, I appreciate.

I love this line I walk.
I love you. Thank you

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