Dosing Medical Cannabis… Can You Say Micro Dose?

awakening, teaching, teacher, teach by exampleDetermining the right dose when using a whole plant medicine like medical cannabis is important.  Each plant grows uniquely, influenced by its own genetics and the environment to produce a slightly different result with each grow cycle.  A person can even go to the same dispensary and purchase the same form of medical cannabis and still find the effect in his or her body to have changed somewhat.  Every plant is unique so, unless using the same plant that made the previous recipe, the dosing must be determined anew.

Start with  that.  That’s the reason why.  The “how-to” is actually straightforward and methodical.  Start low and go slow when increasing.  If you are using any type of medical cannabis that is ingested orally (infused foods or oils,) wait an hour to gauge effect before taking more.  Tinctures–15 minutes.

Continue to increase the dose in small increments every hour until whatever result you are reaching for begins to show up.  Side note:  The best way to track results is to identify the specific result–pain relief in knees for example or relief from anxiety induced distress–and assess that specific result every hour before taking more.  At the point where there is a noticeable improvement (not perfect, but improved,) Add up the total milligrams you took to get a result, divide it in half, and take that much again in four hours….

This brings us to the concept of micro dosing.  In the ideal usage of medical cannabis for health and healing purposes, the goal is to get the health result without the altered experience of psychoactive THC.  Sometimes (for me, for example,) the amount of cannabinoids I need in order to get the desired health result is high enough that–if I take one or two doses in a twenty-four hour period–I get whacky doodle high…  don’t even ask me to focus on anything so complicated as watching TV :P)  But, if I break it into four smaller doses, I get the benefits sans the goofy internal world.  The key is to take smallest amount possible multiple times throughout the day to maintain the desired result.  See how that is?

Let’s get specific.  Suppose you have an oil infusion that says it has a total of 500mg of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDa, THC, THCa, CBG, CBGa…. remember whole plant medical cannabis works in a synergy) in a 1 oz bottle.  That means that 30 drops of oil has 25mg of cannabinoids.  I promise you that, even though you might end up wanting to take 25mg or more at a time, you really don’t want to start there.  Start with 5mg… or 6 drops.  People who are sensitive may want to start at 2.5mg… or 3 drops.  Then, plug the number of milligrams it takes to begin feeling the result into the above equation, and adjust in small amounts–up or down–until you have four or five doses over a 24 hour period that provides the desired result free from psycho-activity.

spiritual healing, meditationJust as the medical cannabis plant is unique, so is every human using it, right?  The amount needed will vary, depending upon what is happening within the body’s endocannabinoid system of each person.  Some have more areas to tend where homeostasis is out of balance.  Some feel the dose very strongly for the first few days until getting used to how the medicine interacts with the body.  Some take as much as gram a day (people with cancer or a seizure disorder or MS, etc)  Some get a great result on 5mg per day.  It’s very unique.  It’s very individual.  Expect it to take a couple of weeks to a month  before you are settled into the perfect micro dose for you.

Hope this helps, and let me know in the comments section if you have any specific questions about dosing medical cannabis, OK?

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24 Responses to Dosing Medical Cannabis… Can You Say Micro Dose?

  1. alyanm says:

    This is an interesting concept, thanks for explaining the theory of micro-dosing. What I’m doing is to take a single capsule dose every day and that seems to set me up well for alleviating normal levels of anxiety during the day. Would micro dosing work better?

  2. ahnalira says:

    Micro dosing will generally give you a more even spread. If you can imagine the arc of time it takes for the medicine to be absorbed, used, and then broken down, having a series of small arcs rather than one long big arc keeps the dosage more even. Make sense?

    That said, if you are taking the capsule once per day and getting a successful result, then maybe you have are on the right track for your unique needs, right?
    ahnalira recently posted..Terpenes: Leading Edge of Medical Cannabis

  3. Marion Moore says:

    Thanks for this! I’m looking forward to experimenting with micro-doses. One question: if I’m looking for an effect specifically at night (reducing twitchiness in legs so I can sleep better), would you still suggest micro-doses during the day?

    • ahnalira says:

      Great question, Marion!

      And, yes, I would recommend micro dosing even for a targeted night time result. The reason is this: whatever the root cause imbalance that causes the leg twitchiness, it happens 24/7. The symptom is more obvious at rest, but the “invisible cause” requires a “round the clock” support. See how that is?

      What I would do (and remember I’m not a doctor so nothing I suggest is a prescription ; >) is take a basal micro dose throughout the day and then increase the micro dose in the evening to support good, twitchy-free sleep.

      Make sense?
      ahnalira recently posted..Terpenes: Leading Edge of Medical Cannabis

  4. MMJ Canada says:

    Hi Anahlira! Micro dosing seems to be worth trying. How does this work for people who only need to take cannabis or medical marijuana when extreme pain attacks?

    • ahnalira says:

      Happy day, MMJ Canada
      Micro-dosing works best when there is a steady stream of phyto cannabinoids in the body. What happens then is that the extreme pain attacks are prevented from happening. The key is to determine the minimum dose to take several times per day that prevents the occurrence. In other words, if extreme pain occurs it means take a little extra to deal with the break through pain… but then raise the basal dose (the one taken daily several times to maintain a basal level in the blood stream ; >)

      Make sense?
      ahnalira recently posted..Cannabinoids–What Are They and Why Should I Care?

  5. Valerie Bennett says:

    Thank you for all of this information. I have been dealing with a chronic situation for years and would like to pursue this with you. Do you still do consultations?

  6. James says:

    Thanks for explaining the theory of micro-dosing very interesting. I´m so glad the cannabis is helping many people with their treatments.
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  7. Ronald Janson says:

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  8. sydkyd says:

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  9. richard parker@cannabisgreenlife says:

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  10. micheal kush says:

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  11. Jasmine Mahalia says:

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  12. Jennifer Smith says:

    The right dosage is very important. Great advice!

  13. Karen Page says:

    Proper cannabis dose is crucial for medical patients. Great article resource!

  14. DwightbWalker says:

    In fact, there are many benefits we can get from medical marijuana. Thanks for sharing this post, 🙂

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  16. Kevin Murphy says:

    Thank you for the details I learned a lot from this information you have shared and I’m so very happy to know that cannabis can treat chronic diseases and many illnesses.

  17. Athea Jo says:

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  18. Mike says:

    I think it is an important article about micro-dosing.Thanks for giving us this information.

  19. Michael says:

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  20. greenlife says:

    Thanks for explaining the theory of micro-dosing very interesting. I´m so glad the cannabis is helping many people with their treatments.

  21. Thank you for clearing all this up!

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