CBD from Hemp or Cannabis–What’s the Difference?

CBD, medical cannabis, hempChemically, CBD is CBD is CBD.  Even if you call it by it’s scientific name, cannabidiol, it’s still the same chemically whether it comes from a hemp or cannabis.  But that’s where the “sameness” ends.  In other words, the plant source makes the difference that matters.

Let’s start with hemp.  Hemp is amazing.  It’s nutritious, can be used as a fiber for clothing or paper, is strong enough to build structures, and has the awesome ability to clean up toxic land by absorbing the toxicity up through the root system.  Indeed, it’s this awesome toxicity absorption ability that makes hemp CBD a potential risk.  Unless the hemp is carefully sourced, the potential for toxic chemicals and/or metals to be found along with CBD in the tincture or topical or edible is relatively high.  And that’s a concern for people using CBD for medical reasons who want clean medicine.  The first concern is aggravated by the reality that CBD grows in hemp in lower concentrations, requiring more hemp for the same amount of CBD produced in cannabis… increasing the risk of heavy metals or toxic chemicals finding their way into the medicine as well.

hemp, CBD, medical cannabisThat’s the bad news about hemp CBD.  The good news: it’s available online in all 50 states.  That means people who have medical needs that would benefit from CBD can access it, regardless of the state laws regarding cannabis.  That’s the good news.  However, the good news makes it even more important to research the company and make sure the product has as much CBD as advertised and comes from a clean hemp source.

The good and bad news regarding CBD coming from cannabis is slightly reversed.  The good news: CBD benefits are supported and enhanced by the full array of cannabinoids found in cannabis.  More efficacy so less is needed.  And the blend of cannabinoids covers a wider array of benefits than CBD from hemp.  The bad news: some states haven’t established laws for the legal use of medical cannabis.  In these states, CBD from hemp is the only option.

Bottom line, if you can access a high CBD product from a clean source of cannabis (clean means grown using organic methods and processed without solvents,) then cannabis offers the most efficacious medical benefits.  If you aren’t able to access medical cannabis, then CBD from hemp is a good alternative IF you can find a source that uses organic growing methods and tests for heavy metals and other toxic materials that might be in the soil.

If you are interested in refreshing your memory on the benefits of using CBD and other cannabinoids, click here

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4 Responses to CBD from Hemp or Cannabis–What’s the Difference?

  1. James says:

    Great clarification!
    Nice and useful information, I´m sure it will be useful for many people like me.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    James recently posted..Best Grow Tent – Top 10 in 2018

  2. Marion Moore says:

    Thanks, that is helpful! I have talked to various people on this subject but didn’t have the full story to tell. Now I do.

    From what you say – I assume organically grown hemp could still have heavy metals?

  3. ahnalira says:

    Yep, it is possible… because it all depends upon the soil in which the hemp is planted.
    ahnalira recently posted..Ahnalira’s Detox Protocol

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