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Blew My Wig Back–Joe Dispenza retreat experience

This accounting is my personal truth. For me, the exploration into neuroscience, biochemistry, and quantum physics applied through meditation exercises led me into multidimensional territory and interdimensional encounters. Healing miracles. Some reading it, will find resonance in my experiences and … Continue reading

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Waving From The Wilderness

Here I am!  Been out in the wilderness finding my way back to Life for five months now.  Many indigenous cultures send their people out into the wild to survive or die as a spiritual practice.  The win, if they … Continue reading

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We Are The Transformation–Where Politics Meets Spirituality

It’s a bold supposition, right?  To postulate there is an axis where faith finds form in politics.  I’m willing to go so far, though, and I’ll tell you why.  There is a movement afoot that defies all established politics, all established … Continue reading

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Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing

My new theme for all the writing here is: Come live in the rainbow with me, friends, and become the full spectrum light you are.  And, as usual, it’s through my personal journey of becoming that I gather these words to share. To … Continue reading

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Emerging Awakened

Deep and quiet.  That’s what I am.  While the world around me shops and bakes and prepares to celebrate, I go deep and quiet.  Solstice approaches, and I abide. I am coming to an end.  The “me” that you’ve known for … Continue reading

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I found her in the closet.  Wedged back into the corner, knees pulled against her chest, she hid her eyes behind small hands.  Hoping, perhaps, that I would not see her if she could not see me.  It was an … Continue reading

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She Wore a Cloak–Awakening

She wore a cloak.  It was comfortable and protected her from weather.  Her cloak had many secret pockets and places to store anything she might need.  She felt safe in the cloak.  It gave her so much comfort–from winds and … Continue reading

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Shedding Skins–Awakening

I don’t know where to start.  I’m not sure where the beginning is.  We change by increments until–at some point–change changes us…and we are transformed.  And transformation no longer recognizes the path of its creation.  Is that what happened to me? … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice–Rhythms of Awakening

I write about love.  I write about creativity.  I write about awakening to All I Am, All We Are.  I write about the power of nature. The power of nature.  Nature teaches me.  Nature inspires me.  Nature supports my life. … Continue reading

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Teach By Example–Awakening

It’s a natural impulse to share what we learn.  The inspired excitement of a new insight expands to connect–to reach out and teach. Like the effervescence of boiling water, new understanding bubbles and rises and pops and transforms.  If we … Continue reading

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